Happy Stephanie Girl Loves:

when my husband wakes me up with a hot cup of tea, a really involved thunderstorm, nakie feet dancing under the covers, little kisses on my eyelids, happy children laughter, dancing in the kitchen, vintage aprons, yummy organic food, watching my husband work, listening to my children playing, baking cookies with my grandma, the memory of turning wood with my grandpa & his chuckle when I would kiss him on the forehead, sitting on their porch swing and talking about life as the kids play in the woods, a surprise back-rub, claw foot tubs, fresh flowers, open windows, stable doors, soft grass, pretty dresses & ballet flats, clean sheets pinned on a clothes line, glass jars, colored candy dishes, sewing, painting, drawing, picture taking, metro hopping, exploring, running in high heels, mood music, well planned lighting, the beach, picnicking, the creases around Sean's eyes, his laughter & love.