Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Girl, Her Papa & the Mustache

There once was a great man who loved and was well loved by his Granddaughter. So much so that they were like father & daughter. He lived in a big house on 5 wooded acres in a house that she "helped" build (well sanded) when she only 3 years old.

They would take walks together from the time that she could walk until she grew up and moved away. They would go on nature treasure hunts and create great things out of the wood on their property. He taught her how to use all of the wood working tools & to make the designs in her head come out so that they could be held & loved by all.

This man had always had a handlebar mustache. He would trim it and wax it and curl it on it's ends & make the girl smile & giggle. When he got sick, he could no longer take care of his mustache so the little girl, all grown up would trim it & comb it & curl it on it's ends for him.

Sadly he went on his journey without her & away when his happy mustache. This made the girl very sad.

On day the girl came across a handmade wooden mustache that reminded her of her most favorite person in the world. She paid the artist that created it so that it could live with her in her home. She promised to take care of it , love it, and pass on the story of the Mustache. The thought of this made her very happy & she looked for it's arrival in the post as she had a perfect home for it in her studio so she could see it every day.

This girl would like to send happy thoughts and vibes to Ben the artist & thank him for creating something to help patch an empty spot.