Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kelly Love

A Magical Journey 

It paints my room a grey blue
  then slowly begins to peel
      Dancing, soul moving in a
       white linen dress adhorned with a blue lace neckline
              Bare feet praising painted toes
                    Drying flowers hanging in the corner
                         A hint of Eucalyptus, Jasmin,
                            Lavender floating through  like a feather
                                Old barn knoted wood flooring
                                     White wooden bench
                                       quietly, slowly peeling
                                             Clothes line in the background
                                                daily sheets freely dancing along
                                                      Peering through the window
                                                           Fields of green grass waving
                                                             as far as the eye can see
                                                                Wild flowers perfectly, simply
                                                                     A ferris wheel on the horizon